What do clients say about Audrey?


J. Gilligan:

On June 10, 2018, after living 30 years in Jacksonville, FL, my husband and I moved to Charlotte to be near our daughters and grandchildren.  All moves are difficult but what made this one particularly challenging was the downsizing necessitated by moving from a 4500 sq ft family home to a 3100 sq ft retirement home.  The challenge included a badly needed update to our furnishings.  Our decor, although of high quality (mostly Ethan Allen) was hopelessly dated and needed refreshing.
Enter: Audrey Hood
After being virtually stood up by another designer, my son-in-law (an employee of Roby Construction) recommended Audrey’s services.  To my delight, Audrey returned all my calls, met with me in a timely manner and put all my decorating concerns to rest!  Audrey is an artist (a prolific painter) and it shows in her interior design work.  Audrey did great work in several rooms of my home but the room where I needed the most help was a small sitting room at the front of the house.  I told her that I was willing to get rid of all my old furniture but a large Peter Max original painting and piano had to stay.  I truly feel it was the artist in her that brought the room to life.  (See photo).  Her vision for the room was spot on and judging from the compliments we received after a Christmas party, we knew that she had knocked it out of the park!  
It is also important to note that Audrey knows how to minimize costs.  In the end she was able to keep our expenses and investments to a reasonable range.  
Audrey is a delight to work with.  Always available to assist despite her busy life,  knows how to get the job done in a timely fashion, works well with her clients tastes yet pushes the edge just a bit with her own artistic inclinations.  In short, I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a designer with a great eye and a warm personal touch.  Thank you, Audrey Hood!

A. Cummings:


Audrey is a terrific interior designer! She has a wonderful personality and is a pleasure to work with. Audrey’s visions for a room (and even small spaces within a room) are amazing. She has a “sixth sense” when it comes to what furniture, décor, etc. should “live” in a space no matter what you currently have there or think you need there. I love that Audrey makes me braver in my selections than I otherwise would be. In the end, she is always right as to what looks best. Another thing that sets Audrey apart is that she will utilize any of your own pieces that “spark joy” for you and will design around them. She understands budgets well and can locate the perfect piece from a high-end store to Facebook re-sell groups. Audrey designed the layout of our new kitchen, which is perfect! Her vision to knock down a small hallway wall and replace the area with a dry bar was spot-on. It is my favorite part of the new kitchen.


K. Zirkle:

I connected with Audrey to assist with redecorating the main living area and dining room of a home we had recently purchased. The home is on the water and stylistically was very different from homes we previously owned. I knew that the rooms didn’t “feel” right but I didn’t know why or what to do about that. Within 30 minutes of talking to me and being in the space with me Audrey understood the issues and was able to explain them to me. Major “Ah-ha” moment!! Without her eye and her help I’m sure that we would have not realized the full potential of the space.

Audrey immediately understood the look and feel that I was going for throughout the space. With her help we’ve created a beautiful living area that we are comfortable in and that we look forward to sharing with friends and family.

The first time Audrey and I met she talked about the concept of “white space”. White space is open areas of your home and of your calendar. This really resonated with me because I am very intentional about what I showcase in my home and how I spend my time. Audrey created a perfect balance of warmth and character while still giving me the white space that I crave in my home.

Hiring a designer makes life easier. I am a busy working mom. Audrey narrowed the universe of choices for me and made redecorating a very efficient process. Her furniture and fabric selections were on point and she listened and found solutions for my concerns. The contractors she recommended were great and I felt good about using people who came recommended.