I love creating custom artwork to fit a client's personal design and style. I truly enjoy getting to know my clients on a deeper level, meeting them in their space and painting special pieces they will love for years to come.

I also collaborate with interior designers to come up with the perfect finishing touches in a client's space.


the process:

-Audrey will come to your home to get a feel for your space and personal style, discuss color palette and design, and measure your walls

-Audrey will create up to two mock-ups

-upon final mock-up approval, a 25% deposit will be collected

-once the piece has been started, the client has up to two rounds of approval

-upon completion and final approval, artwork will be delivered to the client's home


the commission process from final mock-up approval to artwork completion is approximately 45 days.

commission pricing varies based on size, time, and process - please contact us to discuss